Child support :

What is Child Support ?

Child support : Child support is paid by the parent as part of his contribution to the maintenance and education of the child, both during a divorce and when the parents separate and are not married.

In principle, in the event of the child's alternate residence, no pension is paid, unless there is a disparity between the parents' income.

In the case of alternate residence, the parents share the family quotient, which means that the pension paid is not deductible.

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Child support in France

Unlike some foreign countries, notably some of our European neighbors, there was no scale under French law for fixing the amount of pension.

But on April 12, 2010, the Chancellery released a scale called a reference table which aims to limit geographic disparities, however the reference table is not binding on the parties or the judge, it constitutes an objective reference designed as a tool to aid decision.

The judge called upon to set said support must take into consideration the needs of the child, the income and expenses of the creditor and the debtor. The Court of Cassation censured decisions which limited themselves to fixing the amount of child support by relying only on the reference table.

Child support payments will be indexed each year. Payment does not stop at the age of majority, but only when the child has finished his studies and found his first job. he alimony will always be revisable in the event of a new element.

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