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Are you a victim of domestic violence? Ask your lawyer in Paris for help. With a solid experience in the field, she will show real listening and will be able to accompany you in your various formalities.

Never keep silent about the violence suffered

It happens that for married spouses, civil union partners or cohabiting partners, one of them is the victim of domestic violence. In general, it is women who are victims of domestic violence, but there are cases where it is men who experience domestic violence.

In any case, the victim of domestic violence must not remain silent and must file a complaint with the police station.

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There is an extremely rapid procedure which can be carried out before the Family Affairs Judge to obtain a protection order, on the condition, however, of bringing evidence of the domestic violence suffered.

Because these steps are often delicate and source of stress, put your trust in Maître Laurence MAYER - lawyer specialized in family law in Paris. She will intervene as soon as possible to help you have your prejudices recognized.

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