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Maître Laurence Mayer

The Doctorate in Law is a diploma and a higher university degree awarded after the writing and defense of a thesis in law.

Very few lawyers are Doctors of Law.

For several years, she worked for lawyers at the Council of State and the Court of Cassation (French administrative and civil Supreme Courts), handling all kinds of cases, in different fields, which gave her a solid experience in Private Law.

She opened her own practice and specializes in family law, enjoying close contact with individuals. She passed the specialization certificate she obtained, granting her the mention of specialist in family, personal and heritage law.

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Maître Laurence Mayer’s associates

Maître Simon Issler

Simon ISSLER studied Law in Spain, France and Ireland.

He collaborates with Laurence MAYER after having been trained by attorneys specialized in Family Law and having worked in an Immigration Law firm in the United States.

Maître Corinne ERMANTIER

Maître Corinne ERMANTIER has been working with Maître Laurence MAYER for several years.

Maître Pauline ARNOULD

Maître Pauline ARNOULD holds a Master I in General Private Law from the University of Paris X Nanterre and a Master II in Justice and Trials from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

After joining the Paris Bar School, she continued her training at a Paris notarial office.

Maître Pauline ARNOULD has been part of the firm of Maître Laurence MAYER since January 2022.

In order to help you with international legal processes, Maître ARNOULD speaks German as well. You can therefore rely on her for your needs when dealing with cases from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Mrs. Camille NORIS

Maître Camille NORIS graduated and holds a Master's degree in Judicial Careers from the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University.

After joining the Haute Ecole Des Avocats Conseils de Versailles, she furthered her training under lawyers specializing in criminal law and immigration law.

She joined Maître Laurence MAYER’s law firm in January 2023 to complete her training. She has been working there as an associate since December 2023



Léa PROBST is the secretary of the firm and welcomes the clients. Former nursery nurse, she has decided to change profession and work in the Law field.

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