The lawyer's oath, Paris

An oath :

"As a lawyer, I swear to exercise my functions with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity".

This oath taken by any lawyer before practicing his profession constitutes the basis of his ethics.

A gown :

Lawyers have a professional costume which they wear in the exercise of the judicial function, composed of a black dress with a white fold.

The use of this professional costume is ancient and comes from the double concern of publicly underlining the authority which must be attached to the exercise of a service as important as that of justice and to ensure a certain behavior and equality between members of a bar.

The lawyer wearing his gown has the right to enter all public hearing rooms and sit on the defense bench.

The wearing of the gown guarantees the duties of the lawyer with regard to litigants, magistrates and other lawyers.

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Attorney-client privilege :

Everything you say to your lawyer is covered by attorney-client privilege, just like the priest during confession.

No authority can force him to reveal what you entrust to him.

Confidentiality is an intangible rule. As correspondence between lawyers is strictly confidential, the talks or negotiations contained in these exchanges are covered by this guarantee.

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