Lawyer's fees, Paris

Money is part of the relationship. The fee guarantees the lawyer its independence, the sustainability of its activity and the quality of its interventions. The fees of the lawyer are set freely.

However, it is possible for each lawyer to draw up a fee specific to his firm, which he can bring to the attention of his clients.

The fees are fixed in particular according to the difficulties of the business and the diligence accomplished.

Any fixing of fees solely based on the result of the case is prohibited; however, an agreement is lawful if it provides for the fixing of an additional fee depending on the result obtained.

The fee must therefore be predictble, but also justifiable; it covers:

  • the operating costs of the practice (staff, supplies, social charges, etc.) which are estimated at 60% of the revenue collected;
  • the remuneration for the work accomplished by the lawyer.
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The fee can be calculated on the basis of time spent or fixed as a flat fee. In general, when it comes to divorces by mutual consent, the fee is fixed as a flat fee.

The package will not be the same if it is a divorce without children, without real estate and without compensatory allowance.

First consultation in the office without specific research and without written writing: 150 € tax included per half hour.

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